Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday Dreaming!

Hi All.  It is Sunday, so we take a brief break from new posts here at BITBA, but we can fill you in on some news and coming events...


Looking back this week, we shared some Dinosaur love, looked at second tier tales, compared teenage heroes, popped off on soda choices, sounded off on Stan Lee and the Watchmen, and compared Roddenberry and Lucas.   If any of that interests you, take a gander back through the week's posts or check out the sidebar for a whole range of topics and trends.

Thanks for all of the comments this week; we appreciate you keeping the conversation fueled and rolling.


In no particular order, we will be humming some holiday tunes, ranking some icy toons, having fun with a twisted panel, and unwrapping some memories.  Please join in as we have some fun things in store.  

Don't hesitate to tell us what can be improved upon or what you like best at if you have suggestions of any kind. 


Throwing it out to you the reader this there anything you recommend in terms of entertainment, movies, television, blog sites, podcasts?  

Feel free to tell us if you think Star Wars Rogue One is worth the time and money.   Rate it on a scale of ten death stars.   Keep it SPOILER FREE please.

Or how about OA over on Netflix?   We've heard good things about their latest sci-fi series.   Any word from you?

And check out our sidebar for a list of great sites to explore.

What are you reading?   What are you watching?   Keep us posted.  Sunday is a day for sharing!

(And stay warm and safe BITBAs... it is cold out there in much of North America)!


Graham said...

I've talked to a couple of people, including the biggest Star Wars fan I know, and they all recommend Rogue One unreservedly. I've only seen the first three......never had time when the second three were released and missed the last one, too. I might have to see this one, based on what I've been told.

I recommend Stranger Things on Netflix. A very good and fun watch.

I'm about halfway through Luke Cage and it's starting to get interesting. The only thing about the Marvel series (Luke Cage and Jessica Jones for sure) is that it takes SO long to get the story started and moving. I stopped halfway through JJ because it seemed to bog down, but when I picked it back up, it finally hit another gear. Sometimes I think they would benefit from doing a 10 episode season instead of 13. No problems as such with Daredevil though. Luke Cage has had some nice back to the comics moments so far and I love Mike Colter in the role.

Cold here, too. Was 73 degrees at midnight.....woke up to 41 degrees. Now about 29.

Enjoying this blog so far. Keep it up

William said...

Haven't seen "Rogue One" yet, but plan to. Might wait till after Christmas when the crowds thin out a bit, and things aren't so hectic.

I've been slowly watching Luke Cage on Netflix. I say slowly because I'm not all that into it so I wait several days between episodes. It's like a 2 hour movie stretched out to 12 hours so I find that it drags quite a bit. All the Marvel Netflix shows have pretty much been the same. The best so far has been Daredevil season 2, because it moved along at a decent pace and had the most superhero type action in it.

I've also been keeping up with all the DC Superhero shows on the CW. Arrow is still my favorite with Flash a close second. DC Legends is OK, but I find it a wee bit tedious at times. However Supergirl is borderline awful, IMO. I watch it anyway because it ties in with the other shows sometimes, but it's almost like a chore. The story-lines are outright stupid most of the time, and the special effects look like 70's TV.

The best thing I've been watching on TV lately is the old "Batman The Animated Series". I've started rewatching the entire series in order from the first episode. (I'm almost at the end of Season 2). What a great show. Without a doubt it's the best comic-book to screen adaptation ever done. In fact it actually surpasses the comics source material in alot of ways, which is a major achievement in my book. Nothing short of genius. Once I'm done with Batman I'd like to rewatch the entire Superman and the Justice League series as well (and possibly Batman Beyond too). So hey, there's always something good on TV now. LOL

As far as reading goes, I'm mostly reading old comics in TPB form these days.

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