Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Follow the Leader Episode 143: The Imbibing of Hot Liquids...

Redartz:  Good day, folks! This edition of "Follow the Leader" finds your humble host traveling, so the onus (and honor) is yours to bring into existence a subject for the week! The BitBA assembled awaits the first noble commenter to put forward a titanic topic. Soooooo, take it away. Fear not, I'll be checking in...

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Follow the Leader Episode 142: Musical Views and Tattoos...

Redartz:  Happy Tuesday, everyone! The week is (fairly) new, the lines are open, and the options available to you are limitless! Okay, perhaps a few limits, but you get the idea. What element of Bronze age life are you eager to discuss? There was quite a bit going on during the 70's and 80's, so those limits we spoke of are pretty loose...

And, for the sake of pump priming, I'll toss out another "Follow the Leader" extra bonus topic. The back story:

This past week, I decided to treat myself to a tablet upgrade (selling all these comics should have a reward or two, after all). In the course of transferring my files,  images and music, a glitch occurred: all my playlists vanished into the ether. Therefore, every couple of days I reassemble another playlist from the voluminous mass of tunes on my computer. It's fun work, but still work; and leaves me a bit bleary eyed from scrolling. So, to the question: how do you enjoy organizing your music? What kinds of playlists do you put together? Do you simply stream, or do you take a more active hand? Do you go with genres (rock, classical, jazz, or whatever)? Or do you get more specific (say, all songs from a given year)? And what thoughts do you have regarding the ready availability of all that classic vintage music? 

Okay, the table is set: one pre-set question and another impending topic. Let the discussion begin!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Follow the Leader Episode 141: Kids, Comics and the Code; and Reprints!

Redartz:  Greetings, folks! Here we go again; a team-up twofer with your questions and mine. As always, your question comes from the fortunate first commenter with a topic suggestion. Mine comes from the past week's doings. 

Specifically, reprints. As noted previously on this blog, I've been gradually reducing the size of my comic collection. Generally I sell a book after I have it in another form from which to read it; for example an Omnibus or a tpb collection. Well, this week DC came out with another of their "facsimile" editions, specifically Batman 181 (first appearance of Poison Ivy). These facsimile editions are rather cool: truly identical to the original comic, even including all the original ads; and printed on something close to newsprint. Only difference is the price (4.99 as opposed to 12 cents), and the appearance of a UPC on the front cover. So, I picked up a copy to have the story, with the intention of selling my original. Incidentally, I compared the original with the reprint page by page; and they got it right. 

Hence, my question: what are your favorite reprint formats? Nowadays the options are plentiful. So what formats most appeal to you? Ponder upon this, as you devise your topic for our weekly chat...

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Follow the Leader Episode 140: Artistic Prequels and Monty Pythons!

Redartz:  Hello everyone; ready for another round of "Follow the Leader"? I'm already looking forward to the fine conversation which your impending topic suggestions will create. But in the meantime, here's a little something to mentally chew over: 

This past weekend I picked up (at one of those wonderful flea markets, of course) a copy of Marvel Super Heroes 14: the one that featured a special Spider-man story with art by Ross Andru and inks by Bill Everett. This was early 1968, quite a few years before Andru became a regular Spidey illustrator. Indeed, at that time Andru was still drawing Superman over at DC! Looking over the story, it definitely showed touches of the style that would become so familiar in the mid 70's. So it got me thinking, what other examples are there of artists who got an early taste of a character and only later became closely identified with them? Perhaps you can chime in on this too...

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