Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Follow the Leader: Episode 97: The MCU vs Marvel Comics!

Martinex1: Halloween is coming; are you ready?  No need to plan ahead...just Follow the Leader!  What is the topic today?   Find out and join in with comments and opinions!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Chew the Fat: Mystery, Horror, Suspense and Halloween!

Martinex1: Let's Chew the Fat on all things mysterious, suspenseful, horrific, and terrifying.  Halloween is just around the corner, so consider the following questions and let's discuss your opinions about the strange and weird genre that permeates movies, television, and of course comic books.

Do you have a favorite horror and suspense comic? Is there a series you followed or collected?  Or is there an individual issue you recommend?  Did you like the monsters turned "heroes" or did you prefer the weird anthologies?


Do you have a favorite horror or suspense movie, franchise, or series?  Do you prefer the classic Universal or Hammer films?  Or are the modern monsters like Jason, Freddy, and Michael Meyers more your style?  Do you like horror films or do you tend to avoid the macabre movies? What are your recommendations?

Who do you think are the best creators for the horror genre in comic books?  My favorites are Bernie Wrightson and Mike Ploog...who are your preferred creature creators?  Writers? Artists? 

Is horror a genre you seek out or seek to avoid?  Did you geek out over Halloween?  What are your favorite Halloween memories whether scary or benign?
Cheers to all!  We look forward to your comments.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Two Questions: Lottery Winner and Best & Worst Dinner!

Martinex1: Okay, Bronze Age fans... here are two rather random questions for you to kick off the weekend!

QUESTION 1: In the States, we just had a rather large lottery drawing.  We know that  back in the Bronze Age we were all dreamers... so what would you have done if you won $1.6 Billion?  (And with that much money you don't have to limit it to one answer).

QUESTION 2:  I can distinctly recall my favorite meals from my childhood.  I can also remember a particularly repugnant dish that my mother whipped up.  What were your favorite dinners?   And conversely what was the worst you recall?

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Chew the Fat: Christmas Catalogs!!!!!

Redartz:  Greetings and salutations! And before you say anything, I know it's not quite Halloween yet and here we are referencing Christmas. Well, if you remember back to our collective youth, the yearly tradition of Catalog browsing started about this time each year. At our  house, late October meant watching the mail for the arrival of those huge volumes of toyland dreams. Montgomery Wards, Sears, J.C. Penneys; all three were regular residents of our coffee table for the last three months of the year. 

My brother, sister and I would spend hours trading off one catalog for another, poring over pages of books, toys, games, race cars, record players, and just about everything else. The Christmas catalogs were a perfect means to put together that list for Santa, or later on, that want list for parents and relatives. Actually, the ritual of catalog browsing became a greatly-anticipated part of the whole holiday scenario. 

And aside from the obvious attraction of the toys, sometimes the catalogs offered other enticements. I still fondly remember a couple of years when the Sears  catalog was full of Dennis the Menace cartoons; making the Christmas dreaming even more fun...

For those interested, here's a great website for looking over those vintage catalogs. Many years represented, and you can leaf from page to page just like we used to...


And now, here's some images to prime your memories. Enjoy, and then we can compare our 'want lists'...


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