Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Follow the Leader Episode 130: Those Summer Annuals (and John Byrne)

Redartz:  Hi gang! Tuesday's here, so you know what that means. Yes, it's time for you to step up and offer a subject for all us Bronzers to banter about. Aaaaand, it also means I've got another extra quickie topic for you. 

This week I've been reading the first 20 or so issues of John Byrne's "Alpha Flight". First time I have perused these since they were published over thirty years ago (30 years? Unbelievable). These were among the last comics I would have bought before my several-year departure from comics. So they are mostly new to me, although some vaguely familiar bits stand out. Anyway, the series is great- excellent stories, and some of Byrne's best artwork. So my question is simply: discuss John Byrne. Love his stuff? Hate it? Ever met him? Would you want to? Share your thoughts about Byrne while you work up a Topic For The Week. Salud!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Follow the Leader Episode 129: Sandwiches and Second Impressions...

Redartz:  Hello folks! Another week is underway, one which began here in the US with Father's Day, so I hope all you Bronze age dads out there had a fine one. Mine included a visit with my youngest grandson, so it was a good day indeed.

And now, we turn to our topic of the week. Or more precisely, we turn to you for the topic. So, stretch that imagination, pique that curiosity, and plumb the depths of your mind for the seed of a topic which can grow into a tree of discussion! And let's hear it for mixing those metaphors...

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Follow the Leader Episode 128: Comics Revisited, Better or Worse?

Redartz:  Greetings everyone! Yep, Tuesday again, which of course brings us to another "Follow the Leader". As always, our first responder gets the privilege (or chore, depending upon how you look at it) of naming the topic of discussion. As you doubtlessly are eager to jump in, I'll just toss off yet another extra topic question (bound to run out of these sooner or later). 

A couple weeks ago I acquired, at a flea market, a small stack of bronze age comics. Most of those books I'd not read since the first reading, following the original spinner rack purchase.  I've gradually been perusing them, one by one; and have found that a couple really stood out. X-Men Annual 3, by Chris Claremont, George Perez and Terry Austin was one, the other Avengers 190 by Steven Grant, John Byrne and Gene Day. In both cases I was struck by how doggoned GOOD they were! Better than I'd remembered. Therefore , this question for you: what comics have you read in adulthood that impressed you more than they did in youth? Or, the reverse- have there been any you loved as a kid that now leave you wondering what you liked about it?

And with that, I'll get out of the way and turn it all over to you...

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Follow the Leader Episode 127 : Five, yes Five Questions!

Redartz: Hi gang! We are met once again beneath the imposing figure of The Leader, joined to discuss, compare notes, converse, and otherwise bandy about a topic (yes, a topic which you clever folk shall name). And like several of the more recent posts, I've got an appetizer before your main course.

This afternoon my latest ebay splurge arrived; a Time/Life 10-cd collection of 70's Pop Hits. Very reasonably priced; a benefit from the general replacement of cd's by streaming services (some of us still like a physical object to admire- whether it's a comic or a disc). Anyway, I'll be taking it with me to work, where I'll be binging on 70's musical goodness all day! My question: Given a block of several available hours, what genre/ era/ artist would you binge listen to? Make your choice, make a topic, and make it a good week!

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