Monday, April 30, 2018

Chew the Fat: Avengers: Infinity War - 1st Impressions!

Martinex1: The biggest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe made its way to the silver screen this weekend and it seems to be a hit all over the world.  Avengers: Infinity War launched in the U.S. in over 4400 theaters, and it seems that millions flocked to the movies as the film is already setting some records and challenging the Star Wars flicks and Black Panther for overall ticket domination.

So what did you think?  Keep it SPOILER FREE - but give us your first impressions of the movie, the acting, the plot, the characters, and the direction.  Rank the film among the rest of the Marvel movies.  Did it live up to your expectations, exceed them, or not quite make the cut?  Do you continue to be impressed with Marvel on the screen, or do you see cracks in the technique?   Picks or pans? Rave reviews or cautious recommendations?  Thumbs up or thumbs down? Does Marvel continue to dominate the superhero genre?   Do the characters stay in sync or stray from source material?  Does Thanos as a villainous cornerstone live up to the hype and years of build up? What characters stole the show? Are you excited for the next steps or simply fatigued? 

And remember - many of us have seen it but definitely others have not - so please keep the spoilers to yourself!  Surely there is much to critique and comment upon without giving away clues and key plot points.  We know that the movie contains just about every Marvel character who had been in a previous film and we know the big-bad is Thanos...but we may not know the specifics and resolution so be cautious. You can tell us if it lived up to your expectations and if characters left their mark and if it was exciting and if you would see it again or save your money!  First impressions start here...

Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Quarter Bin: Duck, It's A Rabbit!

Martinex1: George Orwell brought us Animal Farm.   The band Wall of Voodoo sang, "It's Animal Day."  And so it goes today for BitBA today, a thorough exploration of certain types of animal comic books and their covers. 

When I started researching this topic, I thought I would include every animal star I could think of from Lockjaw to Devil Dinosaur to Mickey Mouse to Captain Carrot.  But I quickly found that I had plenty for us to focus on just looking at RABBITS and DUCKS!  Holy cow, you would not believe how many books there are starring the various bunnies and fowl!

So let's begin a $1 Challenge - four books for your imaginary dollar!  Today we have a lot of books from the Golden Age of comics, but the trend definitely continues to modern day.  It seems ducks and rabbits must have captured our imagination as they are everywhere.   We have super-hero animals, funny animals, adventurous animals, and satirical animals. I am willing to bet there are many you have never heard of before today. While Bugs, Daffy, Donald, and Howard will be very recognizable.  Rags, Dippy, and Dopey may be less known.   I've also stretched the definition of the animal in a couple of instances, but it all fits the theme!

Take a gander and share your picks and pans! 


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