Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Follow The Leader: Episode 45: All Things Dracula!

Martinex1: It is Halloween! It is Halloween!  It is time for fun!  It is time for fun!  So Follow the Leader!   Perhaps something spooky today?   We will see when somebody gets us started this AM!

Monday, October 30, 2017

The Quarter Bin: Halloween Jack O' Lanterns

Martinex1:  It is the day before Halloween, and I thought we could tackle a $1 Halloween Challenge today instead of tomorrow.   I figure you will be out ringing doorbells and collecting candy (or  Following the Leader since the holiday falls on a Tuesday)!

So the bin today consists of comic covers (and a couple of prose books also) that feature Jack O' Lanterns!  Some examples are subtle and a bit more hidden; and many are bold and facing front!

Pick your four favorites and get a jump on the treats!  No tricks at BitBA today, just an eclectic set of artistic October covers!

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