Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Follow the Leader Episode 126: Motown Queens and Elusive Comic 'Zines!

Redartz: Hello, Bronze age aficionados! Tuesday has rolled around once again, bringing with it another "Follow the Leader" post! And as always, the idea therein is for our first commenter to name the topic of discussion. The podium is open, and the day awaits!

But first, I've another extra topic (just can't shut up, can I?). Over the weekend I indulged in a favorite pastime: flea market hunting. And this hunt was pretty fruitful; many comics vendors at the show; including one who had a whole table (about 20 long boxes) for a dollar each. And the contents of those boxes ranged from Silver Age to Modern! Using some self-restraint, I kept it to about 25 books, mostly bronze age goodies. But one book I picked up at another table leads to my question today. 

For many years I've looked to find a particular comic, one I'd purchased new and later parted with. A book that featured several indie stories of interest, including an early appearance of Stan Sakai's "Usagi Yojimbo". A book I've found extremely difficult to locate, even on ebay. This book:

 Long story short, I found a copy at the flea market. And at a very reasonable price. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and added it to my stack. A longtime search fulfilled, rather unexpectedly!
So, my question: are there any unusual or rare books you spent years pursuing, finally achieving your goal with the accompanying air of satisfaction? Share your story, share an answer to our submitted subject, and let's have another 'twofer'!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Follow the Leader Episode 125: Vacation Sensations!

Redartz:  Hello, and welcome once again to another exercise in leader following! If everyone is ready, let's be seated and await our first 'contestant'; whose prize is setting the topic of discussion for the week! "Come on down", and let's get rolling...

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Follow the Leader Episode 124: 'How-to-Gets' and Collectible Regrets!

Redartz:  Hello everyone! I'm sitting here typing today, while waiting in anticipation for the arrival of my latest ebay purchase: a boxed set of 60's pop songs on cd. Yes, I'm a holdout who still buys those discs- although I have started streaming tunes as well. Actually, I still make pretty regular purchases at flea markets, book stores and comic shops, so my collectible interests involve both online and store buying. Why mention this, you ask? Well, it sets us up for another 'twofer' this week. Do you still buy your music, comics, books, or whatever, in person or online, or both? Let's discuss how we acquire our various pop cultural objects. 

But of course this doesn't let you off the hook: we still need a "Leader" topic, so by all means, have at it!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Follow the Leader Episode 123: Big News Events aaaaaand, Reliable Writers!

Redartz: Welcome once again to the Tuesday "Follow the Leader" tradition! Generally the routine here is to await the first responder to set the tone for the week's discussion. Sometimes I'll add an extra topic to 'prime the pump'. This is one of those latter examples, thanks to a response last week from our friend Humanbelly. 

During our conversation about 'big pop culture events', HB brought up the existence of major news events that still stand out in our memories (both personal and collective). So to begin with, let's take HB's ball and run with it. As for me, there were numerous such examples, but one that meant much to me was watching the Apollo 11 moon landing. Seated on the floor of my cousin's house with all the other kids, adults seated behind; all of us encircling the big console tv with the fuzzy images from space glowing in the darkened room. Even at that young age, the historical impact we felt was immense. 

And now, the emphasis shift to you fine folks. Your mission: twofold; to give us a fresh topic for today, and to spin a few threads about the historical events you witnessed. Thanks in advance!

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