Friday, March 31, 2017

The Sound And The Fury: Band Logos!

Martinex1: We talk about graphic art a lot, but usually in terms of comics and related materials.  But what about the logos for our favorite bands?   Our friend Doug suggested this topic, and we are happy to oblige.  

What are your favorite band logos?   What were the best and what were the worst?   How many t-shirts did you have emblazoned with the emblems?  Some bands had more than one recognizable logo.  Some were iconic and some were really forgettable - what do you think about these images?

Share your thoughts on any and all band logos today!   Here are just a few to get your thoughts racing!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Chew The Fat: Comic Convention Recommendations and Preparation!

Martinex1:  Convention season is under way in the U.S. with a variety of comic book conferences pending.   For the first time ever, some of the regulars from BitBA (and previously from the BAB) are planning to get together in Chicago at C2E2 – the gigantic “Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo” that has been held at McCormick Place for the past number of years.  Thousands of square feet are dedicated for back issues, artist areas, autograph signings, original art, demonstrations, costume contests, question and answer presentations, and more.   It should be quite the experience as Redartz, Doug from the BAB, Charlie Horse 47, and I make our way to the city and meet at C2E2 on Sunday April 23rd.
And we are looking to you for advice.    If you were going to one of the largest comic conventions in the world, what would you seek out, what bargain would you try to find, what event would you like to attend, who would you like to meet?   Let me share with you some bits of the conversation we have been having through email correspondence and please pipe in with your recommendations and advice. 
Charlie Horse 47:  I’m sure there are some really good series out there, over the last 50 years, that I just haven’t unearthed yet.  I’ve discovered the American Flagg run by Howard Chaykin and the Shooter Legion of Super Heroes run.  Someone in BitBA recommended the John Byrne Fantastic Four run.   I may shoot for some of that.  
Redartz:  I cannot recommend Byrne’s FF enough – excellent run, second only to Lee-Kirby… I will be looking for some Bronze Age Trade Paperbacks, maybe Kubert’s Enemy Ace.  Also, I will be searching for some old miscellaneous comics – Sugar and Spike, Eisner’s work, old promo comics, and ‘different’ stuff.   I hope to get some original art, or at least a sketch – perhaps Squirrel Girl by Erica Henderson.   I can’t afford a Neal Adams sketch.
Doug: Adams sells prints at his booth – they are really sharp.   Last time my son and I were at WizardWorld (another comic convention that makes its way to various U.S. cities including Chicago), I bought a print of one of his Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams covers.   He signed it for me.  My son bough two prints; one was the wraparound cover to Superman vs Muhammad Ali, which also came with a legend of all the faces in the crowd.  The other was the ESPN the Magazine cover that had Michael Jordan fighting Ali – it also had a legend.   Very cool stuff.
The Enemy Ace Archive Editions – great suggestion. I’ve never read those tales but have long been interested.  I might also look for the Avengers Marvel Treasury Edition.
Martinex1: All of those suggestions have my mind churning – particularly around DC titles that I have never read or pursued.   I like going to the show to people watch as there are plenty of cosplayers walking around.  Some of their costumes are so elaborate and spot-on.  I believe that some of the creations take a whole year to design and fabricate.   I intend to seek out some original art and will do my best to stay focused on that.  I have my eye on a particular “Buscema Blast” that may be available.
Martinex1: The convention is typically mapped into focused sections.   The prime spots tend to be for the major companies – Marvel and DC – with their artists, latest works, and high profile interaction. 

There are also tons of vendor booths, that in the past have spotlighted everything from back issues, to t-shirts, to toys, to graphic novels and collections, to cutlery and tattoos (weird but true).

Martinex1: There is an “Artist’s Alley” with dozens of tables featuring comic artists from the superstars to the up-and-coming.   I’ve enjoyed walking these aisles in the past and have bumped into folks like Jim Califiore  and even Gene Colan (many years ago).  This year, some of the guests include Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Vincent D’Onofrio (the actor who portrayed Kingpin in the Netflix Daredevil series and other roles in some great movies), a couple of the kids from Stranger Things, Liam Sharp (Wonder Woman artist), Rob Liefield, Cary Nord, Dan Jurgens, Dan Parent, David Mack. David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Gene Ha, Greg Rucka, and dozens more.   Unfortunately some of our Bronze Age favorites are getting less and less available as time passes on.  In the past, the likes of Alex Saviuk, Chris Claremont, Arthur Adams, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez and others have attended conventions.

Martinex1: As mentioned above, one of my favorite aspects of these conventions is the cosplay.  While I don’t dress up myself (you would not want to see me in spandex), I am happy to see the vast creativity of so many fans.  They should be proud of their work and effort; it demonstrates an entirely new aspect of the comic collecting mystique.  

I am sharing many photos today; I should note that some of these are from previous C2E2s but others may be from other conventions; I am sharing many photos from the wondrous world-wide-web and not pictures that I have actually taken, though I have seen many of the same things in past years.  Hopefully you get an idea of what this type of convention contains.

Martinex1:  So what do you recommend we seek out?   What comic series or collection have we missed that you would suggest?   What bargains should we hunt for?  Who should we try to meet?   Let us know what you think and give us some guidance and suggestions.  We’d really like to hear what you think we should consider, as nearly everything comic-related will be available to see.

Martinex1: We will be attending C2E2 on Sunday, April 23rd, so if you are in town feel free to send us a message and perhaps we can meet.   We will definitely be back in early May with a follow-up report and photos from the event.

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