Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Quarter Bin: And Not a Drop to Drink!

Martinex1: It is time for an all new and all different $1 Challenge.   This time lets take a plunge and get wet with our heroes, heroines, adventurers, and comic pals.   Oceans and the depths are constant fodder for exploration in the four-color set.  Other than outer space, I cannot think of a more mythical and strange setting.   Being under the sea or trapped in a watery prison presents very real and relatable risks to the characters.  The ocean can also be portrayed as a wild, unexplored, and even legendary frontier. 

And in my opinion, underwater art is fantastic. Comic art connoisseurs can expound on the Kirby Krackle, but I really enjoy Buscema Bubbles and Perez Percolation.  Who do you think is the best seafaring artist?

So today, I am taking a look at a wide variety of covers that have watery themes - from simple swimming pools to hidden lands to ocean beaches to liquid death traps.   There are 30 selections on our ever-rotating comic book rack.  Take a look and then pick your favorite four (four for a dollar after all)!  There may be some oddballs here that you have never seen before.  Share your choices and your reasons as you check out and leave your comments behind.  And please if you have read any of these, please feel free to share your thoughts on the comic, art, story, and setting.


Humanbelly said...



Unknown said...

Holy Cow - what a breadth of covers! I think the only thing missing from my youth is "Flipper!" Also, hats off to the Diver Dan cover! Yesterday's blog made me recall all the shows we kids/adults knew in common, pre-internet, pre-cable, We all had to watch the same shows, at the same time, on the same channel, and Diver Dan was one of those from the 60s we kids watched faithfully in its 5 - 10 minute episodes.

My fav underwater artist: Bill Everett and, though perhaps seeming quaint by today's standards, his last works on Sub Mariner in the 70s still wows me to this day. His art and the inking IMHO is just gorgeous from his last Subby issues at Marvel.

Off to work....

Redartz said...

Great topic, Marti, even if it is "all wet" (sorry)! Some of my favorite covers involve this motif. Indeed, you pictured one in particular: Defenders 54. Beautiful cover by Perez and Erie Chan. By the way, "Perez Percolation"? I love it!

My choices:
Amazing Spider-man- Ditko, Spidey, how can you miss?
Daredevil- Sharp Frank Miller issue. He does water well...
Sea Devils- some of those had incredible art and covers. Ralph Reese, if I recall correctly.
G.I. Combat- "the cover made me buy it". Man, that is one cool image.

Oh, and I'd try to negotiate "Primus" as a freebie. Had a couple of issues as a kid. Used to enjoy that show. You never hear anything about it...

William said...

Since I already owned them at one time or another I'll take:

1. Amazing Spider-Man #29 - That would be one hell of a bargain for a quarter. LOL
2. Daredevil #159 - This was one of the first issues of DD I ever bought, and it was the cover that caught my eye.
3. The Defenders #54 - I think it was the cover that actually made me buy this issue as well. (Man I must really like water themed covers).
4. "Brave and the Bold" with Batman and Aquaman (the image is too small to read the issue number) - I think I bought this one back in 3rd grade if I am recalling correctly.

All really great comics, well worth the dollar.

You could also have added "Luke Cage, Power Man #35" to that list. (One of my favorite water themed covers). And "Captain America #224" is another great example that would work very well.

david_b said...

Always a big Cardy fan, I enjoyed the Titans and Aquaman when they ventured in the water. Shame they felt the team was limited with Aqualad, I liked his 'buoyant' personality (no pun intended) and the goofy lightness he brought to the team; when Speedy came in, the writing shifted and things got a bit darker. Partially 'sign-of-the-times' with the likes of Denny and Neal Adams coming on board, but I missed the light hipness of the original team.

As for Aquaman, I'm not the big Aparo fan as most here are, so I missed Cardy quite a bit when he was replaced.

How 'bout those FF versus Subby arc in FF 148-149..? The team finally dealt with the problem of not being able to talk underwater.

david_b said...

All-time great water cover..? MTU 14 with Spidey and Namor. Love the colors and expressions.

Ahhhh, those Marvel covers in 1973.

Mike Wilson said...

I'd go with: Amazing Spider-Man (that's a great rematch with Scorpion); Brave and the Bold; MOKF (because it's always cool); and Conan, because I love John Buscema's stuff.

jeirich said...

Kamandi--that was actually the first issue in that series I read, and I was instantly hooked.

Doomsday +1--I mostly loathe John Byrne's work, but I've always been fond of that series.

Teen Titans--my favorite incarnation of the group.

Supernatural Thrillers--I remember owning this book. I have no recollection of the content Cool Kane kover, though.

Anonymous said...

OK I'll pick Spidey #29, Batman & Aquaman, Man from Atlantis and MOKF, the last two simply because I still own them!

- Mike 'what about Kane crabs?' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Humanbelly said...



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