Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Relaxation!

It is December, the holidays are coming, and we are taking our weekly break... it is Sunday after all.   But here are some news and events that may be of interest to you as you hang lights and mistletoe.


Here at BITBA we saw our favorite characters in new clothes.   Martinex1 deconstructed Jean Grey and Cyclops and compared them to Disney and Warner Brothers' characters.   Redartz opened the pack and looked at Wacky stickers.   We rated Galactus' heralds.  We ranked holiday movies and programs.  And we tackled a couple of questions around Jack Kirby's creative freedom and the Bronze Age outside the big two.

If you missed any topics this week, take a gander and don't be shy about commenting.


Join us for a Columbo investigation, a Conan examination, a post by committee, and a decades' old revelation.    All that and much more this week at BITBA.


We've been at it on the new site for a month now - it is hard to believe how time flies.   Let us know how we are doing or share suggestions for posts at    We welcome participation!  And we appreciate all of the comments thus far!


There are some great things going on around the world-wide-web and here are a few that you might find amusing, educational, and entertaining:

Frequent commenter J.A. Morris has a site that explores holiday movies and programs of all kinds.  Check out for everything from The Simpsons' St. Patrick's Day episode to the recent review of The Nightmare Before Christmas.   Fun stuff.

Likewise our friend Dr. Osvaldo Oyola opines over at and this past week he posted a fascinating analysis of Susan Storm Richards, gender portrayal, and the interpretation over the decades.  This and Dr. O's previous post about the Fantastic Four's history, end, and future as Marvel's first family are intriguing reads.

For something a little different check out betweenthepages where pop art meets pastries and where comics meet cakes.   Creativity abounds on the site as it focuses on mouth watering confections with amazing artistry.

And if you haven't checked out the monochromatic covers over at, do so... it is right up our alley with some real classics.

Cheers!  Have a great day and swing back to BITBA soon!


Edo Bosnar said...

Seems as good a place as any to post a plug to another site that covers many of the things near and dear to the hearts of most of us here, the Atomic Junk Shop ( Specifically, if there's any fans of Sam Glanzman's work, there's two posts from the past week dedicated to his work and an apparently successful Kickstarter campaign to get some of his work reprinted.

Martinex1 said...

Yes. Please make your recommendations and plugs on Sundays. Nothing wrong with that.

If you are watching television perhaps you would enjoy the modern Twilight Zone-like anthology about the risks of technology "Black Mirror."

And check out the new "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2" trailer if (SPOILERS) you want a scene and glimpse of Mantis.

Edo Bosnar said...

Martinex, saw the Guardians trailer this morning. Liked it (I like that these GoTG movies are basically the comedy relief of the Marvel movieverse), and love that they're continuing the use of songs from the '70s for the soundtrack. It's such a nice little touch.

Doug said...

LOVED the new GotG trailer! Tough to say which scene clip I liked the best. And I'll echo Edo's mention of the soundtrack, both of the first installment and seemingly this new edition.

Keep up the great work, guys. Love what you're doing.


Eric said...

Thank you for sharing that link to the Middle Spaces blog. Powerful article about the end of the Fantastic Four. Also a long time follower of Diversions of the Groovy Kind.

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