Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday Is A Day of Rest!

Are you worn out from decorating or shoveling snow?   Then take a lode off and kick your feet up and  peruse our offerings from this past week at BITBA.  It is Sunday and time for a break.   Here are some news and notes from the site.


Have a hankering for some TV mystery, take a look at our Columbo post from Monday.   On Tuesday we discussed movie remakes good and bad.   Wednesday we had a little This & That with Conan the Barbarian.  Thursday we talked art, writing, and the Western genre.   Friday we traveled back in time to December of 1981 with Redartz at the wheel.  And yesterday we admireed holiday comic covers.


Bored with all of that, well hang tight boisterous bunch - we have some crazy plans for the rest of 2016 with everything from dinosaurs to soda pop and legacies to back-ups.   Join us for a Bronze Age potpourri of comic art, movies, song, and menace.   See if you can figure all that out gang!


On Sundays, we appreciate any recommendations you have.   So share if you want to.    Here are some of ours...

As mentioned last Sunday, J.A. Morris has a site that explores holiday movies and shows, so check out   And our friend  Dr. O opines over at with great in depth analysis.   At betweenthepages  pop art meets pastries  And there is always something groovy at   So as we said, check those out.

In addition we suggest taking a gander at where frequent commenter William creates comics in an action figure photo and  fumetti fashion.  Tons of creativity on William's site and plenty to view there.

Or hop over to Rip Jagger's Dojo at for a wide range of topics this week from Captain Marvel to Scrooge in various forms to the Avengers and the Zodiac.  

If you haven't come across any of the new trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, we think you will like what you see. 

And if you have Netflix, you can see all of the seasons of Columbo there now and catch some other Bronze Age TV that we will be exploring here in the future like Kolchak The Night Stalker and The Rockford Files.

See you back here tomorrow, for something all new and all different!

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Edo Bosnar said...

Here's a recommendation for anyone who likes comics podcasts: if you're not already familiar with it, go to the Fire & Water Podcast Network ( There's an entire rainbow of differently themed podcasts dedicated to comics and other geekery, often from the era(s) we're all so fond of here. The landing page has the most recent contributions, and if you go to the "Shows" link you can find the immense back catalogs of the different shows. Probably my favorite is the recently-launched TreasuryCast that's dedicated to the treasury books of the 1970s.

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