Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Follow The Leader: Episode 71: Free Comic Book Day at the LCS!

Martinex1: Here we are with another Tuesday and another episode of Follow The Leader!  Life marches on and so do the topics of conversation!  Somebody out there get us started and we will all join in with our comments!


Charlie Horse 47 said...

You going to Free Comic Book Day this Saturday? Why or why not? If you are, are you after something in particular?

Cheers, Charlie!

Anonymous said...

Charlie, a few days ago I was in my local supermarket and I saw a man buying several boxes of Coors Light (each box containing either bottles or cans). Obviously a Coors fan!

There's a shop in my town centre which has a poster in the window advertising Free Comic Book Day but I don't know if they actually sell comics. It's a new shop and I've never been in but I did peer in the window early one morning before opening time - all I could see were games and no comics. Unless the comics are hidden in the back :)

Selenarch said...

Not only am I going, I'm volunteering to help! My LCS experiences about two weeks of traffic in one day, and so they solicit for people willing to help out and steer people around, answer questions and just generally make the experience pleasant and welcoming. Our homework is to check out all the day's offerings in advance so we can have some knowledge of what's out there to recommend, and we all get a free FCBD t-shirt as a reward.

I've never done it before, but I hope for it to be a good time!


Charlie Horse 47 said...

Colin, Coors Light (and Busch Lite) should be illegal LOL.

I am pretty psyched about FCBD. I've always found a gem or three. we can pick 4 at my LCBS and there is usually a selection of around 30 or so to choose from!

Some favs from times past were Archie by Mark Waid, Buck Rogers reprint from the 30s, and Overstreet Annual Market Reports! All the bases are covered.

BUT I do NOT get a 12 of Coors Lite and then start reading LOL!

Dr. O said...

I have never been. My LCS is not so local that I can get there without a subway ride (and driving to midtown Manhattan is not an option for a sane human being), plus from what I understand the shop is SO crowded that it doesn't seem like much fun for me. I've missed out on a few things I've wanted, but let people just getting into comics and the kids enjoy. I'll be home reading Bronze Age comics. :)

Redartz said...

I'm planning on paying a visit to my lcs this Saturday. FCBD is an opportunity to try something different at little risk financially (Just gas money). And I certainly will thank the shop for said opportunity by making a few purchases. It's nice to attend and see the kids and families exploring comics together...

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Red, you gave me food for thought! Families exploring comics together... I guess the days are gone when 11 year olds would sneak out to buy them lest their parents yell at them for "wasting money on that junk" lol!

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