Monday, May 7, 2018

The Quarter Bin: A $1 Challenge: We Are Surrounded!

Martinex1: Sometimes it seems like the world is closing in! That seems to be a comic cover trope as well.  Check out these covers in which the protagonists are surrounded.  Sometimes they are facing foes and other times they are surrounded by nothing, but I believe you can see a common theme.  Back to back against an enemy, against all odds, the heroes fight on!

Now fight among yourselves to determine which of these awe-inspiring covers are the best.  Pick your favorite four and discuss their merits.   Do the stories within stand up to a second read?  Would you go toe-to-toe to recommend one of these Bronze Age classics?

Let us know what you think..  Four for a dollar at our imaginary world wide spinner rack today at BitBA.  And if you know of any other like images, let's discuss those as well.



Dr. O said...

That ROM issue is part of my favorite two-parter of the series involving The Brotherhood of Evil mutants, and the first place I remember seeing Rogue having second thoughts about her villain life. It takes place soon before she goes to Prof X for help and joins the X-Men (where she became one of my favorite characters on the team).

Doug said...

I am forever amazed at your ability to find so many covers of a given genre. You are a dollar box index in and of yourself!


Mike Wilson said...

I'd probably choose four old favourites: JLA, Legends, Titans, and LSH. But I actually have a number of these ... that Avengers Annual with all the Hulk dopplegangers, that Rom issue with the Brotherhood that Dr. Oyola mentioned, and that DD story with the creepy kids.

Anonymous said...

Love these covers. And yet, in true unsatisfied-fanboy fashion, I have to ask:

Where's Captain America surrounded by Red Skull and the Exiles??!! (a much-homaged Kirby classic!) I think that was circa ish #104?

Still, much love for this selection.

-david p.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Dude I dig the Avengers! Given your time and effort to bring these together, I am going to take the 2 silver-agers and let you keep the change!!!

Redartz said...

I'm with Charlie, can't pass up two Silver Age Avengers. No way...buuut, I'd also take the Legion and Rom (I have several of the others, and always look for the new read).

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm going with Ghost Rider, Flash, the FF and the JLA! I'm basing these choices not on my love of the character or team but rather how appealing the cover looks.

- Mike 'bring on the bad guys!' from Trinidad & Tobago.

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