Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to All of Our Bronze Age Friends!

Martinex1: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  Thank you for following Redartz and me onto the Back In The Bronze Age site.   We are grateful that you are here and for all of the participation along the way.   And thanks to Doug and Karen from the BAB for encouraging us to keep on truckin'.  We hope you and your families have a wonderful day.

Redartz:  Happy Thanksgiving, and best wishes for the holidays and beyond! As Martinex1 said, we truly appreciate you joining us here. Everyone that comments, everyone that reads, each of you is a blessing to us. May I add a special "thanks" to Doug and Karen for inspiration and so much more. And to you all, be safe and be happy.

So what do you intend to do this weekend?

Do you have friends and family visiting?  Or are you traveling?
What are you thankful for?

What are you having for dinner?  Traditional turkey or something else?  Do you like cranberry relish?

Are you watching any football?

Or are you just relaxing with some special reading?

Any unexpected guests?

Do you watch the parades?  Do you have any good parade stories?

 What is your favorite leftover?  I like shredded turkey tacos with cranberry mashed potatoes and gravy.

The holidays are here! We wish you all the best!  Cheers all!


Eric said...

Tomorrow my wife, our son and I will be getting a Christmas tree. This has been a simple tradition for us for a number of years. Personality I love the fresh smell of pine in the house.

Thank you both for a great web site.

Anonymous said...

Well, not everyone who reads BITBA is American and we don't all celebrate Thanksgiving but a happy day to you anyway. But I am getting in the mood for Christmas - this morning I bought a jar of cranberry sauce and some mince pies plus the Christmas issue of BBC Music magazine which includes a free CD of Christmas music. I also bought the DVD of the Deadpool movie which I'll add to my Peanuts Movie DVD and watch them both nearer to Christmas :)

Unknown said...

Thank you both for keeping this thing going! Waking to the aroma of turkey is one of the best parts of hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I still watch the cheesy parade waiting for my guests to arrive. I can remember waiting for the Marvel characters to appear in the parade in their puffy Croft supper stars like outfits. But it didn't matter, it was the heroes I saw in comics on the TV. 8 year old me couldn't have imagined the blockbuster movies now! Happy Thanksgiving all!

Disneymarvel said...

I am very thankful for this new BITBA site! I look forward to each topic of discussion each and every day! Thanks!

Graham said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoying your blog on a daily basis.

We will be having lunch with my family (mom, dad, siblings). We had lunch with my wife's family a few days ago. Hoping for a food and football-filled afternoon. Dak Prescott graduated from my alma mater, so will be hoping that the Cowboys defeat the Redskins to cap off a great day, then home to finish up my blog post for tomorrow and maybe just chill out the rest of the night since I don't have to work tomorrow.

Jack Alberti said...


Soon the whole world will be Americanized and Trumpanized!

Anonymous said...

Up here in Canada, we had our Thanksgiving back in October, so it's just another day here. But Happy Turkey Day to all the Americans!

Mike Wilson

Edo Bosnar said...

Yep, as per usual since I'm no longer living in the States, Thanksgiving always sneaks up on me; usually I remember when I open up a site like this and see the holiday greetings.
Anyway, hope everyone back in the old home country is having a good one.

Martinex1 said...

To all of our friends overseas and north and south - have a great Thursday and a wonderful holiday season. I raise a glass to you and yours. Cheers.

RobAnderson said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Mine included turkey and comics, fer sure. And feeling thankful for BITBA! So glad you guys are carrying the BAB torch forward!

Anonymous said...

A happy holiday season to all!
Until Thor gets a haircut, make mine BITBA!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to ... well, anyone who celebrates it!

Down here in T & T, Thanksgiving is not celebrated, although of course there are US citizens living here and families with ties to the USA, so I guess there might be isolated pockets of families enjoying a turkey right now.

Carnival and New Year's Day aside, the most popular holidays tend to be the ones which celebrate our multi-ethnic heritages, like Eid, Divali, Baptist Liberation Day, Easter or Christmas. I guess that's the best thing about living in T & T - you can celebrate all those various holidays from other cultures. Oh yeah, and for a small country we have a lot of them too!

- Mike 'I need a holiday from these holidays' from Trinidad & Tobago.

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