Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hot Fudge Sunday!

Martinex1:  We are kicking off a new week with some March Madness of our own!  Sundays here at Back in the Bronze Age are a potpourri of reviews, previews, recommendations and even some Sunday Funnies!  Take a gander...

THIS PAST WEEK:  Here is the list of what we recently covered:

Monday: Redartz led a discussion of Not Brand Echh! in Funny Books.
Tuesday:  We followed the leader and discussed favorite comic arcs.
Wednesday:  We listed memorable cover songs at the Sound and the Fury.
Thursday: We travelled down memory lane to our first back issue purchases.
Friday:  And hopped on the bus to March 17, 1980 Riding the Retro Metro.
Saturday:  Sal Buscema's famous blast was spotlighted at Panel Discussion.  Here is an example I forgot to post yesterday:

So take a look at these past posts and check out the sidebar for other terrific topics and oodles of creative comments.   And come back tomorrow because future fun is just a day away!

COMING SOON:  We like to keep you guessing at what excitement we have in store!  In other words - we have nearly no idea what to expect also, because like Marvel bronze age creators we are battling the Dreaded Deadline Doom!  Never fear BitBA fan, we will pull it together and won't leave you unentertained!

But it is a good time to remind you that if you want to contribute a guest post, contact us at

RECOMMENDATIONS:  Feel free to add your own recommendations in the comment section; Sunday is a day for sharing.   Here are a couple we recommend.

Spring Sports:  The NCAA Basketball Tournament is under way and as usual it is an exciting time.   I particularly enjoy keeping an eye on the first 32 games and rooting for the underdogs along the way.  Even if you are not an avid sports fan, join a bracket for some water cooler conversation. 4.5 Bronze Medallions.  And we are just a couple of weeks away from baseball's opening day.  Though I am a White Sox fan, it will be fun to watch the Cubs follow up last year.   5 Bronze Medallions.   And for our friends across the pond, get ready for some cricket- coming soon!   Perhaps there is a Pulled from the Pack in the works.  What is your Spring time pastime?
Board Games:  Risk was always a classic.  I can remember playing with family on countless summer nights, rolling the dice, moving my troops, and unfortunately rarely winning the global strategy game.  Well over the years the folks at Hasbro have been licensing characters and storylines for  various projects and special releases for their games.  Recently I saw Risk: The Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I think I  am going to pick that up and give it a try.   I give  the classic Risk game 4 Bronze Medallions and I will give a report if I try a new version.

Food:  At The Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Walt Disney World, try the fully loaded multi-serving ice cream sundae called the "Kitchen Sink."   Make sure you have a party of four and a large appetite for dessert as they put all kinds of sweet goodness in a small "sink" that they bring to your table.   The ice cream is generally quite good at the shop, but the hot fudge and caramel is enticing.  A variety of ice cream flavors, cookies, brownies, bananas, strawberries, and cherries - they don't miss a thing.   It is truly a once in a lifetime tasting, especially if you are Bronze Agers like most of us.  For a fun family experience 4 Bronze Medallions.
That's it for today.  Have a great week!   Cheers!


Redartz said...

Sorry to lead off with this, but it seems Bernie Wrightson has passed away. Another great talent has joined that Bullpen in the sky...

Mike Wilson said...

Yeah, I saw that too. I was never a huge Swamp Thing fan (or horror fan in general) but Wrightson's art was pretty cool.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Speaking of Sunday funnies... what's going on at Dick Tracy??? Joe Staton and the gang has him currently teaming up with the Spirit. Now they've introduced Daddy Warbucks from Orphan Annie, and are talking about "The Dragon Lady" from "Terry and the Pirates!" What is going on there??? And, who owns all those copyrights???

To our UK friends... was watching Midsommer Murders last night with the Missus and the Inspector was easting "something and darts?" or "darts and something" for bkfst/lunch. We've heard of, and eaten, "bubbles and squeaks" and "spotted dick" but... what was the name and content of that dish?

Lastly, I had an Uncle in Ripleys Sunday Comic. He survived Convoy PQ17. (An episode of Foyle's War focused on two gents surviving that.) Spent about a month in a lifeboat with a dozen guys in the Arctic Circle in July 1942. The same Nazi sub that sunk him, picked him up. That got him into Ripleys.

Happy Sunday all! Go Boilermakers (NCAA) and White Sox (baseball)!

Humanbelly said...

Couple of FINE British detective series you cite, there, CH47-! Foyle's War is one of my all-time favorites, I think. Midsommer Murders hasn't gotten into the last 10 years (!!) or so's seasons on our local stations, but it's always good viewing.

I think. . . King Features Syndicate may own all of the properties you mention? I think Mandrake the Magician and Flash Gordon are probably in that stable as well. Possibly this is a spirited attempt for these creaky old strips to gain new life via the popularity of shared-universe continuity? Kind of a neat idea, I think.

Sorry to see Berni Wrightson go, yup.


ColinBray said...

Goodbye Bernie. I didn't know your work in your lifetime but will make that good one day.

CH47 - I have no idea, not even a guess! Did you recognise any of the ingredients?

As a cricket fan I have tried so hard to like baseball. I love the tradition, stadiums and atmosphere but something about the game itself holds me back. Ditto, basketball. Both games are clearly fantastic once they click.

On the other hand NFL/NCAA is a mild obsession. I have a number of items connected to the history of American Football in the UK including an Edwardian magazine report for the first game played across the pond - at Crystal Palace between the crews of USS Idaho and USS Vermouth on Thanksgiving 1910. The game was played in front of 12,000 curious spectators.

Oh, by the way, go Hawks and Buckeyes ;)

Steve Does Comics said...

Charlie, I don't have a clue what that food would have been. I can only speculate that it might have been (Something) Tarts, (Something) and Hart or (Something) and Heart. If it was the last of those three, that would be an unusual thing to eat but, then, he was in a sleepy little village that has a higher murder rate than Gotham City, so perhaps we have to expect a certain bloodthirstiness from the locals.

Graham said...

I have been doing NCAA brackets since the early 80's, when they only had half the number of teams. In recent years, I haven't kept up with the teams as closely. The funny thing is that my brackets have been equally crummy whether I kept up or not. Last year, 3 of my 4 Final Four teams were out by the end of the first week, including my predicted winner. This year, my predicted winner (Villanova) bit the dust yesterday, and there's still time for that to happen again.

I didn't read Swamp Thing during the Wrightson period, though I did go back later and catch up, but he did some fine work on Batman and I also enjoyed his collaboration with Michael Kaluta for Shadown #3 many years ago. R.I.P.

Also, Chuck Berry passed away yesterday.....we're down to a small number of Rock n' Roll pioneers still standing......Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Fats Domino, etc.....

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Hi ALL, I just spent the last 3 hours keeping the american economy afloat... kids gotta eat and have shoes (I guess).

We have a strange hobby. While writing above about Dick Tracy, Daddy Warbucks, The Spirit, The Dragon Lady, etc. I realize that few young people are going to enjoy this. I mean few read newspapers anymore or comic books. Our heroes live on in the eyes of youth due to the movies (though my kids thoroughly enjoy Beano, Archie, and Plastic Man they never read a Spidey or Avenger or Iron Man). The heroes will survive I guess but the original art form... who knows.
Alas, I'm afraid Dick, Daddy, and Dragon Lady will go the way of Boston Blackie, Johnny Dollar, and The Shadow from old-time radio days.

Colin - I will try and see what Inspector's wife served up. I keep thinking "arts and darts?" It looked like some pork (veal?) medallions and mashed white potatoes. I will check again tonight (personal rule: no TV before 9 PM) and have to do an "aside" in the blog. B.t.w, and no offence intended (!), but do you UKers truly eat beans for breakfast like I saw Foyle and Midsommer Inspector doing? Or is it a unique thing that may suggest something about our characters that culturally I won't understand, being here in Chicago?

Also, I really adore Soccer, having got the bug about 10 years ago and have been playing 2 -3 times/week ever since. I have little interest in US Football. Interestingly, my 2nd alma mater, University of Chicago, dominated US university football. The Chicago Maroons were the actual / original "Monsters of the Midway" the moniker which the Chicago Bears subsequently claimed. Indeed the Maroons had the first Heisman Trophy Winner and were a founder of the
Big 10" conference. Then, in 1939 they banned it stating "Football and academics are incompatible." No argument to be made there. But now my son will be attending Univ of Alabama. Saw a football game there this past fall. Never, ever been in a stadium where 110,000 spectators cheer at once. Talk about "rocking the house"!!!

Lastly, just curious if you, other Colin, Steve, et al. check out the "Blimey" blog on British comics? You guys do have a rich comics history though perhaps not in the super hero realm so much. Indeed, I'm reading my Tiger Annual 1962. Great stories! Great art! Love it! I mean, 5,000 issue of Commando Comic, in a unique format, is nothing the sneeze at! And Beano coming up on issue 4,000! B.t.w. did Disney buy Beano? I saw Batman on a very recent cover and the joker I think (cartoonish looking) along with Dennis the Menace I believe? Cheers!

ColinBray said...

Hi Charlie, nope, still can't place the delicacy, sorry. And yes, baked beans are standard breakfast fare over here.

I love that you're reading and enjoying a Tiger Annual right now, and keeping our transatlantic conversation alive!

Sure, I had moments with British comics growing up. 'Plug' - a Beano spin-off - and 'The Eagle' in it's early 80s iteration, which ran photostories too.

Also 'Roy of the Rovers' - a soccer-themed comic starring the titular Roy Race who actually aged in real time. You may enjoy Roy of the Rovers - drop me a line via the BITBA email if you want a few back issues - I'll post over a few freebies. Cheers!

david_b said...

One idea for a column..., or combine with another idea.

For sidekicks, you typically have the same color scheme/style. Examples are Cap and Bucky, Green Arrow (original bland costume) and Speedy, Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl, Sandman/Sandy, Flash and Kid Flash (originally the same outfit, then Flash 135 gave Wally a nice change, but same color scheme..).

Why does Batman and Robin 'work'...? Totally different looks (besides both wearing capes). Granted Aquaman and Aqualad have slightly different schemes as well, but they came years after Robin's costume arrived on the scene back in 1940.

Just pondered exactly what the creators may have been thinking, what inspired them to go primary colors on Robin, besides a honest appeal to younger readers..? Hmmm.

david_b said...

Colin, I'd watch cricket any-day-of-the-week over basketball, absolutely no interest here either.


ColinBray said...

Excellent. Cricket is a wonderful game. :)

Charlie Horse 47 said...

we have a bunch of immigrants from Pakistan and India near me and they play cricket at the ymca yard and near the baseball fields. very friendly guys; i've talked with them a lot; but i still can't understand the game! and i do want to, along with rugby. well soccer and basketball are the world's dominant sports and everything else is going the way of the comic book and printed material in general:(

Humanbelly said...

In terms of trying to figure out an incomprehensible sport simply from watching it on television, may I submit. . . Australian Rules Football??? It reads as almost comically without form or structure if you just plop down in front of it. . . (ha!)


Charlie Horse 47 said...

HB my brother in law moved to Australia with wife and 3 young boys about 5 years ago. The boys play Australia football, rugby and cricket! What the heck??? I mean at least if they played soccer I could rally behind them!

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