Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Follow the Leader Episode 156: Leadership issues...

Redartz:  Greetings; and be of good cheer: conversation awaits!  And as the above header images suggest, there awaits a pair of questions (at least).  I'm providing one, and you get the task of offering the second- that's the deal we're making today. 

My question: as we so often "Follow the Leader", who do you think are the best leaders in comics (or television, for that matter) worth following? 

Now, let's see where this little 'leadership exercise' leads us...


Humanbelly said...

If you're sporting a Red shirt--- definitely NOT Captain James T Kirk.
I still say give me Janeway in that fandom.

Pre-Disassembled/Civil War/TheCollapseofEverythingGood, I'd immediately go with Cap. Leadership was practically his signature character trait. I'd also go with Janet van Dyne when she was chairing the Avengers. And honestly, Hawkeye as leader of both the WCA & the Thunderbolts.

Mal in FIREFLY is darned strong, albeit quirky and unpredictable.

Claremont's reinvention of Magneto?

James Pickens Jr's Dr Weber in GREY'S ANATOMY for the first several seasons, until the character's demons caught up with him, leading to, well, seriously BAD leadership. . .


Mike Wilson said...

Don't follow leaders, watch the parking meters!

Aragorn in the LOTR books was a pretty good leader, taking risks beside his people the whole way. I thought Martian Manhunter made a pretty good JLA chairperson, though his leadership is usually tainted by association with the Detroit league.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

I'm a gonna say that Jim Steranko was a leader (whatever that may mean in this context, lol).

Within a few years, 1968-69, he had a lot of dudes imitating him with the most obvious being Barry Smith on X-Men and Daredvil (IIRC) and certainly Herb Trimpe when he took over drawing Nick Fury from Steranko.

As far as TV goes... no idea.

BUT! If you want to see a film which is a classic study in leadership, then take a look at "12 o'clock high" with Gregory Peck as the wing commander. It's about a B-17 unit that he takes over in WW2 in England.

Killraven said...

Comics- Captain America for sure!
2nd for me would be Reed Richards. There's no replacement possible for him on
that team.
Honorable mention- Sgt Fury. I didn't read enough of his stories or he may be
ranked higher.

TV- Major Pappy Boyington from "Baa Baa Black Sheep" comes to mind. Tough, no nonsense
pure leader.

Steve Does Comics said...

In comics, definitely Captain America.

On TV, Jean Luc Picard - even if he never seemed to see anything wrong with flying a ship filled with children into deadly peril. He did it authoritatively, therefore I can forgive him.

Edo Bosnar said...

Best leader in comics is Cyclops, as portrayed in UXM up to issue #175. Hands down.

In TV/movies, for me it's a toss-up between Kirk and Janeway.

Redartz said...

Hi gang; thanks for commenting; and hope you'll forgive my absence- it's been one of those weeks (months).

Have to agree with all who mentioned Captain America; he basically embodies leadership. But Edo makes a good case with Cyke. Anyone have an opinion on Batman's leadership in the JLA (punching out Guy Gardner scores him at least a point or two)...

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