Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Follow the Leader Episode 150: 150th. Issues!

Redartz:  Greetings; and welcome to the weekly meeting of Bronze age enthusiasts known as "Follow the Leader". And being the 150th. edition of said category, we shall observe this momentous occasion by looking over some comic books that reached that same milestone. So while you cogitate upon a promising topic for the week, enjoy these 'century and a half' covers!


Humanbelly said...

Huge. . . HUGE. . . issue for The Incredible Hulk-!! A sleeper-favorite, in fact!


Selenarch said...

I have four of these and, in fact, just re-read that Fantastic Four 150 this past weekend. The wedding of Quicksilver and Crystal a continuation of a story that began in the Avengers featured a mashup of an Avengers villain, Ultron, with a FF villain, Omega. This was one issue after the reconciliation of Reed and Sue after they had spent the previous year separated and she had even had him served with divorce papers! Fortunately, Medusa was there to fill in for that year. Buckler did most of the art, but Sinnott did the inks. I'm actually surprised that this run doesn't generate more interest.


Mike Wilson said...

I have a few of these but most are comics I never collected; that Marvel Tales reprint of the first Spidey Annual is pretty cool.

Edo Bosnar said...

What? No X-men #150?! Man, you're slipping, Red ... Kidding, obviously.
This is a good selection of covers and, interestingly, I think the only one I had is the Green Lantern issue. Most of the rest of these sesquicentenary dropped either before I was regularly picking up comics off of the spinner racks, or after I started losing interest in a lot of comics (that's the case with Marvel Team-up #150).

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Red –I really appreciate that bonanza of covers!

I'm especially enjoying the non-big-2 covers! There is something about their innocence and simplicity that brings fundamental joy to Charlie!

(Crawdads as big as lobsters? W.t.h. is in the water down there in Indiana???)

Humanbelly said...

Man, that Superman cover, though. Smack dab in the heart of the "Superman's Dumbest Story Ideas" era. . . (the feat being pictured doesn't even make sense in SUPERMAN'S OWN REALITY. . . heh. . . )

I do have five of these issues (the mainstream Marvels), and they really are all solid. MTU is probably the lesser light-- but it was also the final issue.

And hey-- that Sgt Fury cover? I'm bettin' those are Herb Trimpe's pencils, there! But with an inker I'm not used to seeing over them. Cool--

The HULK issue, for those who might be curious at all, is where Betty discovers from a near-unconscious Bruce that he has, in fact, fallen in love with a far-off/far-down queen by the name of Jarella. It is ALSO a rather pivotal moment for Alec Summers-- as it marks where he regains control of his powers. Well-scripted, and terrific visual story-telling via Misters Trimpe & Severin.


Anonymous said...

I'd also include Iron Man #150 - Iron Man and Dr. Doom are flung back in time to the days of King Arthur (a legendary figure but he supposedly existed around the 6th century AD even though Camelot is always portrayed as medieval). They both make it back safely to 1981 but in a What If? story a few months later, Doom double-crosses Iron Man who remains trapped in the past forever. There's a sort of happy ending as King Arthur is killed in battle and Tony Stark is crowned "King Anthony Of Britain".

Anonymous said...

The Fantastic Four cover reminds me of when I read that story in a UK weekly in January 1978. There was no electricity for several hours due to a power outage (which happened quite a lot back in the '70s) so I read the comic by candlelight.

Killraven said...

I had 3 of those. Wish I had that Thor issue, awesome cover!

The #50 issues were kind of a mini milestone and not really promoted much on the covers but you could tell there was usually something a little extra about the issues.

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